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Check out our cocktails in Antwerp

Are you looking for a cosy bar to enjoy a few cocktails in Antwerp? At Davai, we offer a variation of different cocktails. Our cocktail club is located near the Vlasmarkt in Antwerp. It is easy to reach, yet not too crowded: a perfect location to taste our creations and soak up the atmosphere of the city. Are you curious to discover our menu?

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We serve a varied selection of cocktails in our bar in Antwerp

Of course, to stay true to our Russian roots we have lots of cocktails containing vodka. However, at our professional cocktail bar in Antwerp you can also enjoy whiskey cocktails and gin-infused drinks. Besides that, we also carry a handful of wines. Even if you are looking for a short pit stop to enjoy a cup of coffee or a soft drink, we are the bar for you. If you want to uncover what quality tastes like, swing by our trendy bar in Antwerp and we will show you a good time!

Come visit our cocktail club in Antwerp

We promise you a cocktail experience at our bar in Antwerp. Our team is eager to welcome you at Davai and show you the Russian way! Stay up to date about our cocktail club in Antwerp by visiting our Facebook page. Do you have any questions for us? It would be our pleasure to answer them for you. You can reach us by sending an email to [email protected] or by giving us a call at 03 292 54 27. If you choose to call us, please note we are only available to answer the phone from 12PM onwards.

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